Tuesday, 1 November 2011

First post

Well hello there, here is my first post.  Just a short hello.  I am into the art of 3D stuff.  I am honing my skills in computer generated images to then take to my art and use as a new medium to create my ideas.  Hopefully this blog can be interesting to look back on from today onwards into my creations from here on. 
I have been working in 3D now for around 4yrs so am starting to get a bit of a grip on it.  I am now starting to create works that are more of what I am thinking rather than practice pieces.  So with that said this should get interesting...I hope.


  1. Hello! nice idea... i read your post at ZBW Creature design and what to follow your progress + make the same thing, post my personal works in a blog... keep going man! nice work!

    1. Hey thanks Guenrij, Good luck with your blog too!