Wednesday, 28 March 2012

30 creatures in 30 days final

Ok, so I have been awya from the internet for a while due to moving house.  The internet providers sure do take their time to switch things on.
I have a bunch of stuff I need to upload for this blog but Ill just start with these photos of some of my latest sculpey creations.  Some of these are unfinished, all are unpainted.  I will have to get an airbrush soon to get into the painting side of it.  If anyone would like to donate an airbrush to me, I would be most grateful.
I am really enjoying sculpey these days and have lots of plans for this stuff.   I bought some chavant the other day, it feels pretty good!   I havent done much with it yet.  I need to learn more about casting and molding.
Anyway, have a look and feel free to tell me what you think.

 This one is a severed alien head.  Its about the size of my thumb.

 This is an asian girls face.  Its about 7cm high.

 This is a demon marquette.

 This is from a small sketch I had done last year.  Stands around 20cm.

 Some sort of fishman marquette.

 This is unfinished, cant figure out what sort of feet to give him it will come.

 Just playing around with some cat and dog anatomy .

  This is just for the wrinkle on the side. 

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