Sunday, 24 June 2012

This weeks sculptures

Here are a few sculptures for this week.  I wanted to do some sort of monkey creature with lots of eyes and no ears.  So I did, I drew a few variations first then went in and sculpted the creatures head.  As I was sculpting it I found I didnt know much about how a monkey looks so, I decided to sculpt a chimp.  Using reference images, I created a chimpanzee study which I will, later on, create a body for.
Another day, I did a few drawings of a goblin which I was to sculpt in Zbrush.  I figured I would work it out in clay too as a preliminary.  So, the hooded head you see below is a goblin sculpture which took about 30-45mins to complete.
I also did a little quadruped creature who has some sort of large moth like insect on its bum.


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