Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Why am I sculpting with clay now?

A little while ago I was told to look up the name Jordu Schell.  I did and found all sorts of goodies! The guy is an amazing sculpture of little creatures and the like.
I have been sculpting in Zbrush for a few years to date and have kind of got how it works.  So as I found Jodu's webpage, on it, he has a thing called NERDcast.  Which is quite entertaining.  Basicly a podcast of him and some friends with special guests and they sit around talking crap about the film industry.  One day Im sitting there Zbrushing away and listening to the podcast and Jordu starts to mock people who use Zbrush.  I, naturally was kind of offended, having spent a few years trying mastering a program only to get there and hear that Im among a group of foolish hacks.  (Jordu didnt say that but thats how I felt from the mocking)
Anyway, I wrote him a letter saying that 3D printing will come down in price and that Zbrush will be the wave of the future.  I mean, once you can print it all you can make your masks from molds of the prints and so on.
Anyway, I saw a demo Jordu did for Dreamworks (here) which made me think, that was what I wanted to be able to do.  Not demo for Dreamworks but to sculpt a wicked creature in an hour or so and have it convey a convincing element like Jordu can in his work. So thats where I am...on the way to sculpt like that, hopefully.
So it was Jordu Schell who made me sculpt in clay and Im glad he did.
Thanks Jordu!!
I just wish there were more demos from Jordu on the web or for sale.

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