Saturday, 7 January 2012

Work in Progress of a Scupley Sculpture

Hi there, since my last post I had on the Smellybug Tutorial, I had also found a downloadable multi hour lesson on sculpey sculpting which I payed just 7.99$ for!!  It was by Smellybug AKA Peter K├Ânig.  Turned out this website that I bought it from was dodgy and were selling it without Peters permission.

Anywho, the tutorial was/is Great!!  I learned heaps. 

So I also found this other guy who is crazy good Spiderzero AKA Simon Lee.  You can find a demo from him here.  One of the main things that he domos is that he uses a flexible armature which he sculpts onto in a neutral pose, then poses it once he has it all blocked in.  He then goes on to say that you can bake out the posed block in sculpt and then detail it in sculpey or chavant (which is a clay I have yet to try). 
Anyway, Its pretty cool, have a look.
Now below is my 5th attempt with sculpey.  Its not complete yet, will add some more to the neck and some other parts, still have to smooth and detail it and Im not sure if Ill keep the head like that too.  The head was just thrown on so I could see how it would look with a head.  I will add a more angry monster alien type head.  Maybe like this guy!